The Vision & The Mission

Our vision is to establish our firm as one of the prominent providers of nutritious food products such as 500 ml Buffalo Premium Ghee In Pouch, 200 ml Buffalo Premium Ghee, 1 Ltr Buffalo Premium Ghee, 15 kg Cow Premium Ghee, etc., in India. In addition, the mission of our company is to bring pure ghee to every part of India and to raise awareness about the health benefits of ghee for the future of humanity.

Maintaining Transparency

In our organization, we focus on maintaining complete honesty & transparency while conducting business dealings with customers in order to gain their eternal confidence. In addition to working keeping our clients in mind, we remain fully honest, ethical as well as courteous with all the other stakeholders.


To produce high quality of ghee like 200 ml Buffalo Premium Ghee, 15 kg Cow Premium Ghee, 500 ml Buffalo Premium Ghee In Pouch, 1 Ltr Buffalo Premium Ghee, etc., we manage the following processes:

  • Starting Point: The ghee is cooked with steam-generated firewood.
  • Melting & Cooking: To make ghee, we melt the butter and boil it to the right temperature in kettles.
  • Granulation: The heated ghee is then naturally clarified and granulated.
  • Quality Testing: Before being packaged, the final Ghee produced is tested at our in-house lab and then forwarded to Agmark for grading.
  • Packing: In automated machinery, the granualated ghee is packed to the necessary Skus.
  • Ready To Transport: The finished product is ready to be transported across Ahmedabad by our dependable forwarders.

Our Team

The team uses its skills to give our clients the best products. Overall, all of our employees work together to increase the productivity of our company.

"We are accepting bulk order quantity only."
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